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Wolkig ERP is a firmly integrated modular web based Enterprise Resource Planning application that was built by the software engineers at Deema Lab. With a number of partners rather than clients in the field Wolkig ERP has been crafted from scratch up to the clouds with your team and workflow in mind, keeping a huge room of customization to suit your business needs while maintaining the core integration across the different modules offered by the system.

When we started crafting the Wolkig ERP, our aim was to provide you with an affordable yet powerful system to manage your business keeping realtime insights at the click of your mouse or even closer, at the touch of your thumbs. The model the software is offered with (SaaS – Software as a Service) makes it extremely flexible to match your current business size and its growing demands in the future. You buy what you need now and keep adding the blocks to the system as your grow and so does your needs. Without huge infrastructure investments made to get the app up and running and the headache of maintaining your own data centers our system administrators will take care of your data house while you focus on your core business and the means to grow it.

Wolkig ERP consists of a number of of modules to cover all your business aspects. All modules are firmly integrated together to work towards the most efficient workflow to your business and the huge data that lies within.

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Sales Leads & CRM

A module that handles all your incoming potential customers sales leads in one place allowing your sales personnel to efficiently follow up your customers and finalizing the sales deals while building strong long term relationships with the customer

Travel Operations Module

A module that allows your guest relations and traffic personnel to maintain a clear visibility of your current running operations and handle all required logistics and executing the operations in the most time and cost efficient manner keeping the in-house personnel updated through continuous data flow.

Contracting & Reservations

A module that maintains records of all your suppliers and allows your reservation personnel to monitor and efficiently manage your reservations and booking requests


A module that is fully integrated with all other modules that allows you to efficiently monitor and control your business while maintaining all your financial books and records. You accounting and financial reports are all automatically generated for and kept in continuous sync with the operational data updates.

Flight Ticketing Module

A module that makes it possible to keep financial track of the flight tickets issuance over with a strong integration with the major GDS systems providers like Amadeus and TravelPort.

Human Resources Module

A simple Human Resources management module that allows you to maintain detail staff records, handle staff shifts and leaves and follow up on their attendance performance reports

Fleet Management Module

With this module you can improve your fleet productivity and get the data needed for better, more-informed decision making. Everything from detailed fleet equipment tracking, fleet maintenance scheduling, shop and work order management, part inventory tracking, and fuel data management will be an integrated part of your ERP system with this module.

Customer Care Module

Keep your customer’s satisfaction by meeting their expectations. With this module you’ll be able to get detailed reviews on your services directly from your clients securely and get to aggregated reports out of your clients’ feedback. You will also be able to record client direct complains, its causes and compensations made if any to keep your ERP informative with all the data needed for accurate decision making.

Customer Loyalty Programs

With this module it’s easier to manage a loyalty program to keep strong bonds with your existing customers by providing your frequent customers with loyalty points, which translate into some type of reward. Whether it’s a discount, a freebie, or special customer treatment, customers work toward a certain amount of points to redeem their reward.

Third Party Access Module

A module that allows you to provide access to your suppliers and partners like Hotels, Tour Guides, External Travel Agencies, etc to get them involved with your business and keeps your data fresh as things progress


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