4 Simple Benefits of Using a Booking Engine

There are many advantages of using internet booking engines. Some of these advantages will be far better than others but all of them can have a positive impact on your business and many of them when used in conjunction can give you a greater return than if you were to use only one or two of the features in isolation. As flight booking online continues to offer more and more air travel content, options, and varieties, the market is going to continue to grow and thrive. Actually, according to an Allied Market Research, the Online Travel Market is estimated to generate $1,091 billion, globally, by 2022. The biggest question of all is what are some of the best benefits available to you?


  1. No commissions:

One of the most important things about a BE, is that, by using one, you can cut out many of the additional fees or commissions that you usually have to pay when you book through a traditional portal. For example, if you are trying to book individuals on a flight without your own internet booking engine, then you are going to have to send those customers to a place that does have one.


Another great benefit is that if you are going to have your own internet booking engine you do not need to send them to another website – you can advertise on your own website. Because if your customers have to see advertisements, they should at least see yours!


  1. 24/7 Booked flights:

Another major pro of having a BE, is flight booking online. Flight booking online is crucial for your business to be able to grow and thrive. If you work between let’s say 9 AM to 5 PM like other traditional businesses, when do you expect your clients to come and actually get their tickets? Most of them will be at work as well. You certainly do not want to be working odd hours or a different split shift. Rather, by having your own internet booking engine you will allow your clients the ability to book their own flights when and where it’s most convenient for them.

Many studies have shown that most flights are booked after 5pm when individuals are home relaxing and dreaming about their next trip. If you can make yourself available during the day’s sweet zone, then you will be able to greatly enhance your business, as well as serve your customers better. Don’t let some other entity steal them away by offering air travel content that includes flight booking online when you yourself can host your own internet booking engine.


  1. Efficiency Maximization:

Maximizing your efficiency means making money faster and by doing less work. There are many aspects of online booking that have become automated in recent years. If you have not taken advantage of this automation then you are still likely manually inputting information into physical or digital copies yourself. Your time is valuable, it could be better spent selling new bookings or assisting clients you have already received.


Powerful online booking tools like TTS Web-book are an excellent way to take the workload off of you. But what can TTS Web-book and other online booking tools actually do?


One of the most important properties of any online booking tool is information-gathering. Your online booking tools will be able to gather all the information needed from a client. By setting up a customized page, you ensure that you get all of the required data to ensure a booking. In addition to this, it allows you to keep your clients files on record in case a deal comes up for their favorite vacation area. Being able to gather all this information and have it organized in a single place is one of the primary strengths of an internet booking engine.


A different core strength is that it will not allow for double bookings. Instead it will only allow bookings if bookings are available. This means you do not have to go back and forth and check calendars or booking dates but rather the system itself will protect you from making these very human errors. In fact, a good internet booking engine will also update a booking status if it has been reserved. This self-updating, error prevention, customer service enhancement tool is an essential requirement for anyone who is serious about succeeding in the travel industry.


  1. Online Payment Management:

This one is very important as it is the mechanism by which you receive payment from clients and by which your clients receive a guarantee of services. One of the major advantages of internet booking engines is that they will also be able to handle your online payment management as well. The handling of online payments is a critical consideration for any of your internet booking engines. Not only does this help reduce the workload but saves from the whole payment process; taking a check, going down to the bank, depositing at the bank, making sure that the check clears, or going around with a reams of cash.

Now your clients can simply complete their booking from the comfort of their own home using a secured credit card and you do not have to keep either valuables or checks in your office or on your person.


What’s also great about online payments is that they always include a receipt as well. Just like with any normal transaction, your clients will get a receipt emailed to them or the receipt will come up on the payment screen once the payment transaction is completed. You can even set it up so that you receive a duplicate receipt as well for your digital records. Being able to keep and take payments in a digital way allows you to search through your records for payment information for past clients and to be able to identify any possible missteps along the way for your client.


With greater ease and access, online booking engines are definitely the way the travel industry will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come, and provide better customer service by meeting the needs of their clients at anytime anywhere.


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