5 Business Problems Solved by ERP Software.

5 Business Problems Solved by ERP Software.


  1. Poor Communications

    OTAs usually assign the entire company for a single lead to be properly processed, and this means that all of the departments need to communicate and collaborate to maintain a smooth and quality rich business process. Generally, OTAs suffer from poor internal communication between different departments. When employees fail to pass on information effectively, negative outcomes, like lost service orders, task management, lead follow up, etc.

    An ERP system helps you dodge such problems. ERP unites all business functions, becoming the one piece of software into which all information is input and processed. With ERP, you can rest assured that there will be no delay before key information reaches the relevant parties. The time between the completion of one business task and the next is kept to the absolute minimum.


  1. Manual work, double work & repetitive tasks As your company expands, the number of customers needing your attention will become unmanageable. Your employees work load will definitely keep increasing. Also, Manual data entry and processes become even more subject to mistakes and time-consuming when performed on this much larger scale.

    For instance, your accounting team may spend an enormous amount of time entering data for sales invoices, and cross-referencing their spread sheets. Just like any other manual process, one minor typing error or a misread figure could result in major negative consequences. Good ERP software eliminates these problems. It automates tasks, thus reducing the probability of errors, and giving your employees’ the time they need to get on with other work.


  1. Having to deal with multiple platforms

    When teams are using un-integrated software, processes become very complex, and time-consuming. For example, if somebody in sales doesn’t notify the reservation team of their latest client, Ground Operations team will not have the real time information needed to make sure that the client is handled properly

    ERP software brings all of the information recorded by any department into one single database. This centralization of information means everyone has access to the latest data when they require it. There is no need to update multiple systems or waste precious time forwarding an email after another anymore. As an additional benefit, because all department of the company run on one piece of software, the software upgrades needed are kept to a minimal.


  1. Customer Retention Without an ERP system to keep track of customer records, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to serve your customers in a maximum manner.  Most ERPs come with a Customer Relationship Management module, which allows employees to keep track of records of transactions and communications against each customer.

    Storing these data in a single database gives you the power to allow any employee, no matter which department, to access this information when dealing with a specified customer. The transaction history is a particularly useful feature, opening up opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling, Equipped with ERP, your company is empowered to better serve the needs of its customers and improve profitability.


  1. Unleashing your full potentialThe more information you can access inside your company, and the more recent and useful these data are, the easier it will be to make good decisions for your company’s’ benefit. With all costs, sales figures and marketing data being inputted into one system, ERP enables you to gain real time insights into your business at any time.

    A good ERP will have a reporting module that allows you to run scheduled or on-demand reports based on any data within the system. These reports can be interactive, tabular, graphical, geographical or free-form. These reports have a variety of useful applications. For example, you might run a report to discover what customer type tends to become a repeat buyer. With this information, you can better target your marketing and improve the profitability of your business.

    With ERP, you can gain answers, not only to your questions, but to your customers’ queries too. With all the necessary data being accessible in one central system, your sales reps will be able to give precise answers to questions like ‘When can you complete my order by?’ because they will have the up-to-the-minute stock level information required to provide an accurate response.

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