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Machine Learning in Travel Industry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, ignoring every big tech advance in the past few years, you must have heard of machine learning! For example, the recommendations made by Netflix and Amazon, the personal assistants competing in our iOS and Androids devices, and  the futuristic self-driving cars are all forms of machine learning. Basically, machine learning is empowering the current artificial intelligence revolution. But what is it exactly? And how does the travel industry […]

How AI is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry.

  A storm is coming. One that might possibly change the world for good; the same way we started using electricity for anything and everything back in 1882. That storm is called Artificial Intelligence (AI); and  every single working industry, in one way or another, is doing its best to make good use of it, including the travel industry. While it’s true that the ideology and Science behind AI has been around for many years, […]

How Mobile Phones Revolutionized the 3 Stages of Travelling

  Mobile Phones have evolved beyond imagination in the past 10 years. Not long ago they used to be merely used for phone calls, short text messages, and Snake game! But nowadays mobile phones have massive computing power compared to even computers 10 years ago. This vast evolution has lead to the integration of mobile phones in nearly all kinds of daily life activities. They have almost become our life partners or “a way of […]

Moments: The Evolution of Cameras.

By Youssuf Radi- Backend Developer Intern. Photography. An art form invented in 1830s, becoming publicly recognized ten years later. Today, photography is one of the largest growing hobbies in the world. Photography has come a long way in its relatively short history. In almost 200 years, the camera developed from a plain box that took blurry photos to the high-tech mini computers we use in our DSLRs and smartphones today. The story of photography is fascinating and it’s possible […]

Moments: The Pleasure of Working at dlc.

by Ammar Mokhtar- UX Lead at dlc. Ever since I was a teenager, I have been always concerned of where and how my work would be, the dilemma between doing what you love, and the existing opportunity that might not be appealing was really confusing. After a long period of time of travelling and after graduation, I had a firm decision that I’ll definitely work abroad and would look for whatsoever job that helps me […]

Moments: 6 Reasons Why Using CRM Will Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives.

By Noura Habashi- Account Manager at dlc. We know your objectives are profitability, efficiency, customer care, retention and growth. We care about your objectives. We offer you a solution that helps you achieve all your objectives. So, How will CRM achieve this? 1-One place for everything: Rather than searching in notebooks, inbox and call history, the salesperson will find all he needs on one place. That will save time and make it easy for him. […]

Moments: Evolution of Travel Industry

By Noura Habashi- Account Manager at dlc. Ever since I was young, my family used to contact certain travel agency that they dealt with for years to arrange our trip. We always used the traditional way until I started to use the internet to do the job myself.   Here was a debate between me and my family. They argued that dealing with the travel agency they knew is the most trusted way to arrange […]

4 Simple Benefits of Using a Booking Engine

There are many advantages of using internet booking engines. Some of these advantages will be far better than others but all of them can have a positive impact on your business and many of them when used in conjunction can give you a greater return than if you were to use only one or two of the features in isolation. As flight booking online continues to offer more and more air travel content, options, and […]