How Mobile Phones Revolutionized the 3 Stages of Travelling


Mobile Phones have evolved beyond imagination in the past 10 years. Not long ago they used to be merely used for phone calls, short text messages, and Snake game! But nowadays mobile phones have massive computing power compared to even computers 10 years ago. This vast evolution has lead to the integration of mobile phones in nearly all kinds of daily life activities. They have almost become our life partners or “a way of life” in the words of the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs.

One of the many activities mobile phones have hijacked in our daily lives is travelling. Mobile applications have swept the travelling industry and completely reshaped the industry, this can be clearly seen as a study has shown that 85% of international travelers have some kind of mobile device with them while travelling (Frederic Gonzalo, 2016). Not only has it dominated the in-travel experience but also the pre-travelling and post-travelling experiences have been recreated with mobile phones. Let’s go more in depth in each one of the 3 stages of travelling to see how mobile phones revolutionized each one of them

     1. Pre-Travelling experience:

This phase begins at reserving your flight and hotel, used to be a hassle of phone calls, followed by a payment meeting to physically deliver the money to your travel agency has never become easier. Now with a few taps on your phone you can book and pay for your entire vacation without leaving your seat. Studies have shown that Mobile bookings in travel have grown by 1700% between 2011 and 2015, moving from 1% to 18% of online revenues (Frederic Gonzalo, 2016). Also Furthermore you receive your booking confirmation on your phone and even your boarding pass! Now most airports around the world support self check-in using QR codes on their phones, and people are starting to adapt to it, Mobile boarding pass use has become the preferred choice of 18% of passengers within the past year, and the use of mobile apps for check-in will also double from 8% of passengers preferring this option to 16% by 2016..

2. During the Travelling experience:

Mobile phones have completely replaced the need for tour guides. Now you can access maps on your mobile phone and throw away the old paper maps you used to get from a stand in a souvenir shop. There are many applications which given some parameters like duration of stay, dates, and your interests can put together a full program for your trip which will cover all your needs, like google trips or visit a city. Moreover there are applications which even help you find shops that are near you and sort them by price like the infamous Yelp! According to a Survey done by Opera Media works 85% of respondents said they use mobile devices to book travel activities. 1 in 3 respondents said they use specific mobile applications, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, to research accommodations and activities.

3. Post-Travelling experience:

Most people keep dwelling on the trip with nostalgia, and what better way to preserve memories than photos and videos that are always with you in your pocket. All the huge companies in the mobile industry have provided solutions in this area. For example, Apple introduced memories in its embedded photos application which creates a mashup video of images taken on the trip, Facebook introduced a standalone application called memories which allowed people who were with you on your trip to share photos with you so there would be only one common album were all your photos and memories would exist even the ones you did not take!