Moments: The Pleasure of Working at dlc.

by Ammar Mokhtar- UX Lead at dlc.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been always concerned of where and how my work would be, the dilemma between doing what you love, and the existing opportunity that might not be appealing was really confusing. After a long period of time of travelling and after graduation, I had a firm decision that I’ll definitely work abroad and would look for whatsoever job that helps me to keep bouncing over borders as I got obsessed by the idea of travelling and meeting new people and getting exposed to diverse cultures.

However, as the fate is already destined, I found myself joining a company with a real potential, but most importantly a company that combines the 2 pillars I’m always revolving around; Travel and Technology. The decision wasn’t that complicated, actually i took it at ease to join dlc. for the highly selective and beautiful environment it provides alongside the outstanding technical exposure i found since day one. It was always a part of my ideal job is to work where I feel I belong to, in terms of mindsets, outgoing team and all having the same common of factor of being travel aficionados. It feels great that i go daily to work without actually feeling it’s work, I never had the burden of feeling heavy to head to my work each morning, on the contrary, I feel energized every day and looking forward having another great work day full of work, laughter, games, and exchanging travel talks which actually assure me that i’m working where I fit the best.

Few weeks ago, I found a popping mail in my inbox starting with congratulations, you won a trip with dlc. for being the employee of the quarter, at this very moment I felt thankful, for being appreciated with what i love for doing my job properly, it’s beautiful thing to sense appreciation in everything you do. I chose to head to Northern Africa to a country I was always curious to visit Morocco. The experience there was beautiful, the mix between authenticity and lovely nature is enchanting, and what added to the experience is those welcoming and lovely friends I met and made over there.

To recap, working where you feel fitting and appreciated is definitely the most rewarding thing someone could encounter in terms of work in this changing world, it’s a bless.

Concerning the future, it’s still vague or in more precise words it’s unpredictable yet exciting. The company’s potential is giving a special motive to oneself, with the sense of belonging we have, we always strive for something big, really big and going after it.