Moments: 6 Reasons Why Using CRM Will Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives.

By Noura Habashi- Account Manager at dlc.

We know your objectives are profitability, efficiency, customer care, retention and growth. We care about your objectives. We offer you a solution that helps you achieve all your objectives.

So, How will CRM achieve this?

1-One place for everything:

Rather than searching in notebooks, inbox and call history, the salesperson will find all he needs on one place. That will save time and make it easy for him. It also records all the interactions between the sales team and contacts to avoid confusion.


2- Customer Relationship:

CRM helps you know your customer well. It captures details about the customers and their behavior. Therefore, you can tailor your products and services for them. This will also guide your marketing and sales efforts. And when speaking to your customer, they will feel you know them well and that they are important for you. This creates a competitive edge for your company.


3- Communication:

CRM is the best tool for you to communicate within your company.  If the sales person responsible for a lead is not available, his colleagues can easily do his job, they don’t need to reach out to him to know the interaction history.


4- Uniform Way to Ease Assessment:

CRM standardizes the form in which the information is presented. This makes life easier for managers to track and assess the sales team activities.


5 – Sustainable Tool for Growth:

We all know it is frustrating to manually track every customer interaction. A CRM will be able to handle all the information and therefore this will help you achieve higher revenues each year.

Furthermore, it is considered the most efficient way to analyze the sales team activities because you get to know which strategies worked best and which channels brought the most leads. This directs your strategic planning to achieve higher conversion rates.


6- CRM Can Manage Your Social Media Activities:

Social media offers great opportunities of potential customers and contacts. CRM helps you maintain an active presence on all social media platforms. It is integrated to the social media platforms so you can post automatically and manage them form a single platform.